Family Reunions

Celebrate Family

Your family is one of a kind, and getting together is a special occasion. Make the most of it when you relax, reconnect, and retreat to a reunion at the Great Ohio Lodges. You’ll find our properties throughout the entire state, ensuring that we have something that every family member will appreciate.

  • Unique Lodging
  • Golf Courses
  • Marinas
  • Miles of Trails
  • Indoor / Outdoor Pools
  • Disc Golf
  • and more!

For those who prefer the outdoors, we have fully furnished cabins and activities galore: lakes, trails, sports, and anything else you can think of. The natural beauty of Ohio is best experienced up-close and personal, and we highly recommend exploring all you can. (Need a recommendation? Just ask.) 

Prefer to stay inside? We have comfortable lodge rooms, pools, weight rooms, board games, gift shops, and more. Each property offers a unique experience backed by professional, friendly staff members who are there to supply whatever you need. Opportunities vary by lodge, so let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll match you with the perfect one!

Ready for an unforgettable reunion?

Call us at 877-496-9224 to talk to our sales team to find the Great Ohio Lodge that is perfect for your family!

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